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Introduction to the Platform


Let's go over in more detail some of the basic features of the Platform's easy-to-use interface.

Logging In

You should have received a username and password already, otherwise you wouldn’t be here J. If you forgot it, don’t worry.  Just let us know, and we’ll send you a new one. But before you login, keep in mind that we’ll also use this page to let you know about new features and important updates to the platform. So make sure you keep an eye out for new announcements.


The Dashboard

Each time you login, you’ll see the Dashboard. Here you can see your most important metrics and data at a glance.  This page is completely customizable to fit your needs.  We’ll go into more detail in our “Dashboard” module.


You may have multiple accounts with Marin. If so, use the Client Identification or CID pull-down menu to switch between accounts. Easy right?



Lastly, there may be times when you are asked to provide your Client ID. To do this, simply hover your mouse over the Client name in the top right, a pop-up window will appear with your Client ID.



Top Navigation

There are four key links hidden up in the top right corner. They will take you to the Administration functionality, a list of all the reports you’ve created, our Help Center, and allow you to Logout. We’ll explain how you’ll likely be using these in later courses, but just know that they are here. 


We know you’re busy, so we want to make finding things in Marin easy.  Need to make a quick change? No problem, just type in your search, and one click gets you right into the details of each feature.




Marin uses tabs to categorize your account data, similar to what you’d find in Google Adwords. Each tab has its own unique functionality to help you manage all aspects of your digital advertising strategy. Don’t worry if you can’t see the same items, tabs vary depending on your account. 

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