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SmartGrid Campaign Navigator


The Campaign Navigator helps you quickly see the structure of your accounts, campaigns, and groups -- all without leaving SmartGrid.

You can use the navigator to select the specific sets of campaigns or groups you wish to work with. Selecting smaller sets of campaigns/groups improves the performance of SmartGrid and offer you a faster experience.

How to use the Campaign Navigator

The Campaign Navigator is located in the top left corner of SmartGrid. It highlights as you hover over it, and opens when you click.

View a list of all publishers, publisher accounts, campaigns, and groups available in this account.

You can click on specific publishers, publisher accounts, or campaigns to select them. As you do this, the navigator refreshes to reflect the campaign structure you've selected.

Once you've made your selection, click the Select button to update the grid. Your selection is reflected in the updated breadcrumb where the Navigator panel sits.

Note: There will not be any updates to the Filter sidebar when you select items in the navigator. Filters operate independently and can be used in addition to the Campaign Navigator.

How to select multiple items in the Campaign Navigator

Holding down the Shift or Ctrl key as you click allows you to select multiple items. You can select up to 100 items items from each of the columns.

How the Campaign Navigator Search Box works

The magnifying glass on the top right of the navigator is the search box.

Typing in the search box narrows the listed campaigns and groups to ones matching the search term. This allows you to easily select the specific campaigns or groups you're looking for.

Note: The all ad groups or all campaigns options still select all groups or all campaigns. They are not updated to reflect the search term entered.

Limitations of the Campaign Navigator

If you want to generate a report, you can only select one campaign or group in the navigator. If you try to select multiple campaign/group/selections and click the report button, you will receive an error. In the future we expect to support exporting multiple campaigns.

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