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Using SmartGrid Advanced Guide


SmartGrid is the latest analytics grid for the Platform. It is built on new technology and is designed to provide faster response times and enhanced capabilities that support better workflows.

In building this tab, we analyzed our client’s usage of the grid and designed the new grid to optimize the most frequent actions. Improvement will continue to be built out and updated into the product every month.

The key benefits of SmartGrid

Here are the best reasons to use SmartGrid :

  • Faster text filters and sorts, including an instant search bar.

  • Ability to scroll through entire keyword sets without having to change pages or click on All Keywords.

  • Campaign Navigator (located in top left of screen) allows you to quickly view your campaign structure and focus on a set of groups and campaigns.

  • The column View Builder includes search capabilities to easily locate and add metric columns.

  • Filter panel on the left side of screen stores your filters and includes an option to Clear All filters.

  • Date Range Picker is on the top bar on the right side of the screen and offers an expanded three-month selection.

  • Totals rows load separately from the rest of the page in order to be optimized.

  • Sort or filters can be applied on a column, even if it is not visible on the grid.

  • Date of Click and Date of Conversion conversion types can be displayed in the grid, at the same time, side by side.

  • The 'spinner' indicating that the page is loading, is now located on the upper left side of the screen.

  • No need to wait for page loads to complete before taking additional actions.

How to scroll through SmartGrid

To scroll through SmartGrid's content, just use the infinite scroll on the right side of the page.

The scroll bar to the right indicates how far you have progressed in your keyword set. The page up and page down buttons on the keyboard also function to move up and down.

Keywords Beta New UI elements.jpg

More detail about how SmartGrid works

To get more information about the specifics of SmartGrid, please see our individual articles. Just click one of the following:

Upcoming features for SmartGrid

We have several updates planned for SmartGrid in future releases. Once a feature is available, we will remove it from the list below, so you'll always know which changes are still to come.

The following functionality will be added to SmartGrid in a future release:

  • In-grid editing, recurring reports, charting and saved views will all be enabled for use.

  • We will enable the use of And / Or / Not in filters.

  • Text-based columns, like Campaign Name, Dimension, and Group Name will be updated in real-time.

  • Date of Conversion will be enabled for use in reports or Custom columns.

  • Filtering on BMM (Broad Match Modifier) keywords will be supported.

  • Statuses shown in the Keywords column will reflect the highest level status that might take precedence (i.e. campaign paused).

  • Totals row seen for metric columns in SmartGrid.

Example uses for SmartGrid

  1. Faster Text-based Filtering Analysis
    Bobby wants to quickly study the performance of his Brand keywords. He applies a filter on Brand vs. Generic = Brand and sorts by Clicks, descending to see which were his most important Brand terms.
  2. Narrowing in on Multiple Campaigns / Groups
    Betsy wants to study the performance of the America, France, and Italy campaigns for ABC retailer. Using the Campaign Navigator, she uses shift select to highlight all her campaigns, and deselects those she does not want to view. Her view is quickly updated based on the selection.
  3. Taking Immediate Action on a Small Set of <1000 Items
    Cody likes to tier his bid adjustments depending on conversion rate. He will sort his grid descending by Conversion Rate %. Using shift select and the infinite scroll on SmartGrid, he can seamlessly scroll through his keywords set and update bids, without having to change pages and lose his context.
  4. Doing Fast, Agile Analysis Using Numeric Filters
    Anne’s account has millions of keywords, but day-to-day she is most focused on the performance of her top 200 keywords, which are her Head terms. Using SmartGrid she sorts based on Conversion Rate %, descending to increase bids on her highest converting keywords. Sometimes she wants to test various analytic hypotheses and metric filters. SmartGrid allows her to effortlessly apply these filters and see very quickly how her top keywords are affected.
  5. Speedy Exports
    Craig has a number of small queries he wants to verify using reports. “How have the leather men’s shoes campaigns performed over the last week? How have the keywords in Thanksgiving promotions campaign been faring?" He can quickly apply filters using Keywords Beta and export the data to a report, so the calculations occur in the background. Like the grid, SmartGrid reports benefit from the faster pace of filtering.
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