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Bidding and Optimization

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Why Are Keywords Paused Unexpectedly?

What is the issue?

You may encounter a scenario whereby your keywords are unexpectedly paused by Marin bidding within the Platform.

What causes the issue?

Unexpectedly paused keywords may be caused by one of these:

  1. The keywords have been automatically paused as a result of a Marin feature that pauses underperforming keywords. When this feature is enabled, Marin bidding will pause keywords that have not converted and have reached the click threshold. This feature is disabled by default, so it's likely only enabled for your account if you or someone from your team requested that it be enabled. 

    If your recently-paused keywords were paused by this feature, you will see the username Marin Bidding associated with this change in the keyword's Settings History. 
  2. Target Margins are set above 100%. If Target Margins are set above 100% this will always result in a negative bid calculation. With a negative bid calculation, the keyword will be paused due to the Marin automatically paused keywords feature.

How to fix the issue

There are a couple of ways that you can try to fix the issue described above. We'll outline these below.

  1. You can disable the feature to automatically pause keywords if it is enabled. To do so, please speak to your platform representative who can adjust this setting for you. 
  2. To avoid pausing due to negative bid calculations, change your Target Margins to a value less than or equal to 100%.

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