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Managing Campaigns

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Adding Keywords and Negative Keywords from Suggestions


Suggested keywords can be found at Keywords > Keyword Expansion. This page shows all suggested keywords from the sources that have been selected. From this page, users can quickly add keywords and add negative keywords to their account. Where possible, suggested keywords are assigned a Seed Keyword, Seed Group and Seed Campaign. The Seed Keyword is used to build URLs for you new keywords.The Seed Group is used to set the bid for new keywords. The Seed Group and Seed Campaign are used for placement of new keywords and negatives.

Adding Keywords

From the suggestions list, click the blue 'plus' sign then click on the Process Keywords button. Based on the settings above the grid, this will add the keyword with the specified match type (Broad, Phrase, Exact) to the specified location (group of the Seed Keyword or a new group). The destination URL of the new keyword will be built according to the settings in the URL Builder.

Adding Negative Keywords

You can add negative keywords by clicking the red 'minus' sign, then click the Process Keywords button. This will add the keyword as a negative to either the group, campaign, or all accounts with the selected match type (Google only). You can also select specific words within a keyword to add as a negative by clicking on those words.

For example, if the suggested keyword is 'backpack beach chair', you can add the negative 'beach chair' by clicking on the words 'beach' and 'chair' and clicking the red 'minus' sign.

Adding Keywords and Negative Keywords Via Bulk Uploads

If you prefer, you can upload your keyword suggestions in bulk, rather than using the steps outlined above.  To do so, simply create a report of your keyword suggestions by clicking on the Create Report link just above the grid on the right of the page.  Once your report has been downloaded, you can choose the keywords you wish to upload, remove your metrics columns, and upload your file.  To learn more about bulk uploads, check out our Bulk Uploading to the Platform training article.  

Note: Keywords and Negative Keywords will need to be uploaded as two separate bulk uploads and cannot be uploaded from the same file.

Highlight Potential Negative Keywords

Users can choose to highlight potential negative keywords by checking the Highlight New Tokens box above the grid. This will highlight all tokens (words) that appear in suggested keywords but are not keywords in the current account.

Rejecting Keywords

You can also reject keywords that you don’t want to see again. Simply click the 'black' icon and click Process Keywords to reject the suggestion. You can also add your own rejected phrases from the text box on the left. Any new suggestions containing the rejected keyword will not be shown again.

For example, entering 'yellow' as a rejected phrase would cause the suggested keyword 'yellow cat' to be removed from the grid. The application would no longer suggest keywords containing 'yellow'. Also, you can always review the rejected phrases list by clicking the Manage Rejected Phrases link.

Sorting and Filtering Suggested Keywords

The filters on the left side of the screen help you process keyword suggestions.

Keyword Length Filters suggested keywords by character length. For example, 'money' has 5 characters.
Token Count

Filters keywords that meet a certain token count. For example 'money making machine' is made up of 3 tokens (or words).

All Shows terms from all sources (Keyword Research, Manual, Raw Query, and Site Crawler)
Keyword Research Shows only suggested keywords from keyword research tools
Manual Shows only suggested keywords that were kicked off manually
Raw Query Shows only raw search queries from Google search query report
Site Crawler Shows only suggested keywords from the site crawler tool

Note: If you select Publisher search query report as the source of the keyword expansion, you must have the publisher's conversion pixel/tracking installed for the conversions to be shown for the keyword suggestions.

The application's search functionality is useful to find specific suggested terms. The search functionality searches the keyword and Seed Keyword. Suggested keywords can also be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

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