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Managing Campaigns

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Keyword Expansion


The application's Keyword Expansion tools identify new keywords and negatives based on your existing set of keywords. 

Navigating to Keyword expansion

In MarinOne

In the top navigation, click on the down arrow next to the Keywords tab. From here, select Keyword Expansion



Once you're in the Keyword Expansion section of MarinOne, you'll see two sub-tabs: 

  • eCommerce: This sub-tab you keyword expansion opportunities for Amazon. To learn more about Amazon keyword expansion, check out our dedicated article
  • Search: Once you click on this sub-tab, you will be redirected to Marin Search to perform your keyword expansion.

In Marin Search

From the top navigation, click on the Keywords tab. Then, click on the Keyword Expansion sub-tab. 



How keyword expansion works

New keywords ideas are generated daily based on user settings. Suggested keywords can be reviewed at any time and easily added as keywords or negatives. See the following Help article for instructions on How to Use Keyword Expansion Manually.

The Keyword Expansion tool automatically builds keyword-level destination URLs based on the URL Builder settings at the client level or folder level.

When sources of keyword expansion are turned on, only keywords that are not already in your account are returned as suggestions. Our application automatically limits suggestions based on existing negative keywords that are in your account.

Note: If you select Publisher search query report as the source of the keyword expansion, you must have the publisher's conversion pixel/tracking installed for the conversions to be shown for the keyword suggestions. Additionally, to view the results, the Search Query Report client configuration must be enabled. Please reach out to Marin Support to confirm this setting is in place.

For keyword research tools and crawler based tools, where Seed Keywords and URLs are required, the top performing keywords and their URLs are submitted for expansion first, based on the following rules:

  • Keywords with the most conversions, from the set of keywords with > 5 conversions in the last week.
  • Keywords with the most clicks, from the set of keywords with at least 1 conversion in the last week.
  • Keywords with the most impressions, from the set of keywords with at least one click in the last week.
  • Keywords with the most impressions.

How to activate Keyword Expansion

  1. Enable sources of Keyword Expansion. See Understanding the Keyword Expansion Settings for details.
  2. Configure URL Builder to construct destination URLs.
  3. Review suggested keywords and choose which suggestions should be added as keywords, as negative keywords and which should be rejected. See Adding Keywords & Negatives from Suggestions for details.

Filtering potential new keywords

  • If Seed Keyword or Seed Group cannot be found, we will not suggest the keyword for expansion.
  • Keywords will not be added if there is a conflicting negative in the same group or campaign. For Broad match negatives, the filtering algorithm treats them as Phrase match as it would be impossible to match the publisher's broad match algorithm.

Baidu Keyword Suggestions

Baidu keyword suggestions further leverages the Baidu Search API v2 to allow advertisers to expand their current keyword palette by receiving a list of Baidu keyword suggestions based on the Seed Keyword that the advertiser wishes to expand on. Future enhancement of this feature will include limiting the number of keyword suggestions returned based on search volume and competitiveness as determined by Baidu.

Additional information

  • Once new keywords/negative keyword has been added in the Keyword Expansion Tab, they will be removed from the suggestion list.
  • Due to technical difficulties, we are currently unable to display conversion data for keyword candidates in the Keyword Expansion tab. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  • For additional details, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.



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