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Managing Campaigns

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Mobile App Extensions


Mobile App Extensions allow you to directly promote downloads of your apps on both Google and Microsoft. When this type of extension is served, each one is optimized depending on the operating system and device being used to view it.


How to

In MarinOne

  1. The first step, as usual, is to log into MarinOne. 
  2. Navigate to the Ads tab in the top navigation. Instead of clicking into the tab, click the down arrow icon just to the right of the tab and select Ad Extensions


  3. Once on the Ad Extensions grid, use the Extension Type column to differentiate between Mobile App Extensions and other extensions. You can apply a filter to this column if you'd like to look at only Mobile App Extensions.


  4. Above the grid, you'll see a toggle for either Ad Extension View or Association View.


    1. Ad Extension View will show you each of your extensions a single time, with performance data rolled up across all campaigns and groups that your extension is tied to. 
    2. Association View will show a single line-item for each extension + campaign/group association. For example, if your "Schedule a demo" sitelink is used in five different campaigns, you'll see five separate line-items for this sitelink, one for each campaign it's associated with. 
  5. While we don't yet offer full ad extension management in MarinOne, you can bulk upload extensions. Simply click the Upload button and use the drop-down to select the type of extension you'd like to upload. 


  6. For Device details about your ad extensions, navigate to the Devices tab and choose Ad Extension from the Level drop-down. The grid here offers the same toggles for Ad Extension View and Association View that you'll find from the Ad Extensions tab. 


In Marin Search

You can view Mobile App Extensions that have already been associated with your campaigns by following these steps:

  1. From the Campaigns tab, click into a campaign using the hyperlinked campaign name.

  2. Navigate to Ad Extensions sub-tab.

  3. Select Mobile App Extensions in the drop-down menu. 

  4. You'll now be able to see see linked campaign-level Mobile App Extensions.

You can also use the Create Report button to export a file containing linked App Extensions. For Google app extensions, the same steps can be followed for group-level Mobile App Extensions.


How to manage App Extensions in Bulk

You can use the Platform's bulk upload feature to make various changes to your Mobile App Extensions, or create new ones. Note: You can use the Bulk Upload Mobile App Extension button (available in the Ad Extensions sub-tab) to navigate directly to the bulk management page.

To start your bulk upload, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Admin link in the upper-right corner.  

  2. From the Bulk Upload menu on the left, click Mobile App Extensions.

  3. Use the details from the table below to create your bulk sheet to create, edit, link or unlink your Mobile App extensions.

Notes About App Extension Bulk Uploads    

Similarly to our approach to sitelink bulk uploads, the App Extension ID is automatically included in the list of columns on the Bulk Add/Edit page. Note: Extensions cannot be edited unless they have already been linked to at least one campaign.

The table below provides the details you'll need to include on your bulk sheet. Note that the values below are for demonstrative purposes only.




App Extension ID

Package Name/App ID

Operating System

Link Text

Device Preference

App URL/Measurement URL








New App Text










Download App










Try out our app














Additional notes

When working with Mobile App Extensions in our Platform, please bear in mind the following notes:

  • Marin does not currently sync in metrics associated with your Mobile App Extensions

  • URL Builder (and Autocorrect) are not currently compatible with app extensions.

  • App extensions can be managed in the Platform at the campaign- and group-level for Google and at the campaign-level for Microsoft.

  • When creating app extensions, the value entered in the URL field will be pushed to Google, but subsequent changes should be done through Google. This is due to the use of structured URL components.

  • When creating these objects, app extensions must be linked to at least one campaign

  • Similarly to behavior of sitelinks, Mobile App Extensions cannot be edited unless they are linked to at least one campaign.

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