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Managing Campaigns

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Platform Support for Negative Placements


The Negative Placements subtab is available under the Placements tab. This section will display all of the negative placements you are managing in the application.

Platform Support for Negative Placements

Our application supports adding Negative Placements through bulk-edit. Currently, our application only supports placements for Google. Negative Placements can only be added to Google accounts, campaigns and groups.

How to Bulk Edit Negative Placements

  1. Navigate to the Negative Placements tab.
  2. Click Create ('plus' icon) above the grid (or on the Bulk add negative placements link under Related Tasks.
  3. Select Specify in Rows in the Publisher Account drop-down or select Account, Campaign, Group from the drop-down menus.
  4. There are 2 ways to add object data:
    1. Paste tab-delimited rows of object values in the data field (in accordance with the headers specified).
    2. Click on the Create icon above the grid (or on the Bulk add negative placements link under Related Tasks. Upload a tab-delimited .txt file or .csv file. If the file is formatted incorrectly, the objects will not be created, and errors will be generated in the Activity Log. Please refer to the examples provided in the application that demonstrate how text or files need to be organized.

How to Delete Negative Placements

To delete Negative Placements, click on the placement in the grid and click the Delete ('red cross') button. Currently bulk delete is not available.


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