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Managing Campaigns

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Setting Up Radius Geo-Targeting


Google AdWords allows you to target a radius as a geo-targeting setting for your campaigns, allowing you to target users who are located within a certain distance around your specific location, rather than specifying individual cities, regions, or countries. At present, this needs to be set up within the publisher interface. 

If your account is missing this feature, it will need to be enabled for your account. To do this, just get in touch with your platform representative who will be able to help. 


Please note that Radius Geo-targeting is not currently supported by Microsoft Ads.


How to set up Radius Geo-targeting in Google AdWords

To set up this feature, just follow these steps. Please note that these steps must be taken within the Google AdWords interface, and not the Marin platform. 

  1. Click the Campaigns tab, then select a specific campaign.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Look for Locations, then click Edit.
  4. Next, click Advanced Search, and then Radius Targeting.
  5. Type in the location, address, or coordinates you would like to use as the center of the radius in the search box.
  6. Type in the radius of your target and select the unit of measurement.
  7. Click Search, then select one of the populated locations that you want to target.
  8. Finally, click Add, then click Done, and to finish up, Save.

Platform support

Once you've followed the steps above, the platform will sync the radius targeting settings for your campaigns, and you'll be able to view these by following these steps. Note: You may need to carry out a hard sync in order for the new data to appear. 

  1. Head to the main Campaigns tab.
  2. Select the relevant campaign in the platform, then go to the Settings tab and click on the Geo-Targeting icon. On this screen you'll be able to see the coordinates for your radius targeting, but not the specific location name as seen in AdWords.

Important notes

Please note that although the platform does not fully support radius targeting at the moment, your radius targeting settings will be accurately reflected in AdWords until any campaign level changes (such as budgets) are made and posted to the publisher. Once any campaign-level changes are made within the platform, it will revert targeting to the broader default. To avoid this, you can make your campaign-level changes in the publisher's interface, then perform a manual sync to bring them into the platform.


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