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Managing Campaigns

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"No Target Currency Specified for Currency Conversion"

What is the issue?

When attempting to create campaigns within publisher accounts, you may encounter the following error message in the Activity Detail Operation screen after receiving a Failed status message:

No target currency specified for currency conversion

What causes the issue?

The most likely explanation for the occurrence of this error message is that the currency account setting for your publisher account is not currently set.

How to fix the issue

If you receive this error message within a Microsoft account, it is possible that you have no campaigns created in Microsoft and linked to the Marin platform yet. To resolve this issue, please create a campaign in Microsoft and link it to the Marin platform.

Please refer to the Linking Wizard Advanced Guide for instructions on how to link campaigns.

If you receive this error message within a Google account, follow these instructions to solve it.

Note: This message most often appears for Google accounts when you have no campaigns linked yet.

  1. Check within your Google account and verify the currency is set.
  2. Next, return to the Platform and click on the Channels tab followed by the Manage Accounts button.
  3. Link any existing campaign from Google Ads.
  4. Once the linking is complete, go back and re-upload the new campaigns that caused the error. Provided your currency settings are correct within Google Ads, the problem should resolve once the new campaigns are pushed to the publisher.



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