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Marin Search & Social: February 16th 2018 Release Notes

Marin Search

Marin Audience Bidding

Audience Bidding is Platform Beta's first custom-made bidding engine, designed to generate recommended multipliers for all supported audiences and available to fully migrated Platform Beta clients. You can focus on mapping audiences to your ad groups, then let our advanced platform do the heavy lifting for you by calculating bid multipliers. Whenever you're ready, you can choose to traffic the engine's recommendations via the handy Optimization tab. 

To learn more about Marin Audience Bidding and get started today, please read our Support Center article.

Marin Social

Use Video across the funnel with Slideshow ads on Facebook using Images from your Product Feed

To provide you with more targeting flexibility, we have added the ability to create Slideshow Ads on Facebook using images from your product feed. Now you can benefit from the performance of video paired with full-funnel targeting of dynamic ads without the expensive video production costs.  

For example, you could reach people who have expressed interest in your product or brand with a video which is aligned to the intent. You need a product catalog and Facebook pixel in place to generate Slideshow Ads from your feed. You can create Slideshow Ads from your product feed for all formats which accept video, not just Dynamic Ads or Dynamic Ads for Travel.

To learn more about Slideshow Ads, please read our Support Center article.



Reach Prospective Travel Customers on Facebook with Broad Audiences

Deliver relevant ads at scale to prospective hotel customers who haven’t visited your website by targeting Broad Audiences with Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT). This new feed-based audience targeting feature allows you to introduce your brand to people who are browsing for hotels on competing websites and have expressed city-level intent to travel to a particular destination. This represents a cost effective means for you to improve the quality of your top of the funnel audience segmentation to deliver incremental revenue gains via new bookings.

To learn more about Broad Audiences for DAT, please read our Support Center article.


Drive Sales In Store and Online with Offer Ads On Facebook

Offer Ads are limited-time only deals that create a sense of urgency for people to take action as quantity and expiration dates are prominently captured in the ad. This creates a Groupon-like effect encouraging people to not only accept your offer, but also share with their friends. Retailers can use Offer Ads on Facebook to drive in-store brick and mortar sales, as well as online redemption via an e-commerce website.

To learn more about Offer Ads, please read our Support Center article.

Small Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Added Support for Twitter’s Video App Download Card

Use the power of video to promote your mobile app on Twitter with Video App Cards, now available in Marin Social. Leverage feature-rich videos from and about your app to drive mobile app downloads on Twitter.

Deep Linking Support for Mobile App Install Ads

You can now use deep links for mobile app install campaigns on Facebook to customize the post-install experience for your users.




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