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Marin Search & Social: May 11th 2018 Release Notes

Marin Search

Revenue results file improvements

We've made some key revenue enhancements to our next-generation platform. You'll now see extra detail in the Result Message column of your revenue files to make it even easier to understand exactly what's loaded into Platform Beta and spot any warnings and failures in double-quick time

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Marin Social

Enhance your brand strategy with The "Reach" objective

The Reach objective for campaigns allows you to target a small, but highly relevant, audiences while controlling the frequency of the ads that you serve. The main aim of this objective is to maximize impressions and drive brand awareness. Want to target a narrower audience? With this objective, your ads can also be repeated to maximize their impact.

With the Reach objective, you can:

  • Maximize your reach over the full length of your campaign
  • Set the minimum number of days before the same person sees your ad again through frequency controls
  • Use location targeting

Read more about the Reach objective in our dedicated Support Center article

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Permissions updates for Product Catalogs

From May 8th 2018, Facebook has applied new restrictions relating to the access of Product Catalogs. If you currently use Facebook Product Catalogs, you will need to ensure that all of your employees who need to work with Product Catalogs are added as Catalog Admin or Catalog Advertiser users from the Facebook Business Manager. 

To learn more about this change, and whether or not you need to take action as a result, please read our Support Center article

Changes to the Marin Social naming conventions

We've made a couple of updates to the way Marin Social handles changes to your naming conventions. As of this update, when you choose the update your naming convention, you can now opt to skip certain objects -- specifically those which have been created manually in Marin Social, or those you've imported from the publisher. 

Want to know more about these naming convention updates? Check out our dedicated Support Center article for the full rundown





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