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MarinOne & Marin Search: March 15th 2019 Release Notes

Table of contents

Introducing Offline Connect

Brand marketers need effective tools that tie digital ad spending, to in-store foot traffic and purchases. The reality is that a big percentage of purchases are still made offline, and by having a holistic view into high ROI marketing activities, advertisers have the opportunity to more effectively allocate marketing budget to the appropriate channels -- a big piece of the puzzle when we talk about the effectiveness of cross-channel marketing.

With this in mind, we've developed Offline Connect, a new way to track offline conversions and attribute them to online events and ad clicks. Offline Connect brings with it a host of benefits, including:

  • Extended look-back window of 2 years--great for businesses with longer sales cycles.

  • Tracker Attribution Support (a variety of attribution models such as first-click, even click, etc), to more accurately credit all marketing channels in a conversion path.

  • “Intraday support”, meaning that transaction data can be uploaded at anytime and reflected in a user’s dashboard within the hour. This includes orders that have been cancelled or refunded.


For more information about Offline Connect, be sure to read our dedicated Support Center article


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