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MarinOne & Marin Search: June 6th 2019 Release Notes


Saved Views in MarinOne

What’s new?

Similar to Marin Search, users can create their own custom views and save them so they can easily return later. Users can also load a saved report from Marin Search into MarinOne and set it to recurring, giving users faster access to the reports they use most often.

Why is this important?

When frequently reviewing grids or reports in the same order with the same filters, choosing to save the View can be a time-saving step. Saved Views remember your settings so you don't have to reconfigure a report or column each time you open the grid. 

Migrating widely used features or workflow efficiencies from Marin Search into MarinOne will also help with the increased adoption of MarinOne as the primary tool for our advertisers. 

Marin’s Value-Add:

Integrating Saved Views offers easy, powerful analysis of any data within MarinOne, and improves the usability of the platform--resulting in faster workflows.

Want to learn more? See our dedicated article for more information.

Marin Search

Bing ETA++

What’s new?

Additional support for Bing’s Expanded Text Ads, including Headline 3 and Description Line 2.

Why is this important?

ETAs give advertisers a lot more space to explain their products, services, and value proposition in their ads. Marin is helping diversify inventory and ad formats for our users across multiple publishers. Support for Bing ETA++ means that our users will start adopting this ad format more frequently in the MarinOne application, as it mirrors the native publisher tool.

Marin’s Value-Add

Incorporating Bing ETA++ performance analysis with other media channels and ad formats can reveal how much it is contributing to user engagement and conversions, resulting in smarter cross-channel budget allocation.

Interested in using the Bing ETA++ ad format? Reach out to your account representative or read our dedicated article for more information!

Marin Tracker - Safari ITP Support

What’s new?

Safari’s latest ITP release limits cookies created with online tracking tags, and is forcing the expiration of first-party cookies first to 7 days, and then to 1 day respectively. Marin Tracker will estimate missing data, and offer support solutions to this problem.

Why is it important?

Clients with longer path-to-conversions will lose more Safari conversions over time.

Marin’s Value-Add

Marin has an ITP Impact Analysis Tool that calculates conversion losses on Safari. These reports show your attributed conversions by time of click, broken out by key browsers and Safari ITP versions, and will showcase a trendline for the conversion lag associated with Safari ITP 2.1.


In addition, Marin is able to offer its customers a range of new measurement solutions, which require very little implementation from the advertiser. With one of our recommended solutions, customers are guaranteed no impact from the changes in ITP 2.1. (and we can prove it with ITP Impact Analysis Tool).

Worried about your lost conversions in the Safari browser? Talk to your account representative to find the right solution for you, or read our dedicated article to learn more!



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