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MarinOne & Marin Social: May 4th 2020 Release Notes

All Clients View in MarinOne

What’s new?

We’ve added support for the All Clients View in MarinOne, which allows advertisers to quickly see and report on high level metrics for all their CIDs, without having to click into each account individually. This can help advertisers easily compare performance and track conversions across multiple accounts.


all clients view.jpg

In the next iteration, we’ll be adding charting and the All Clients Dashboard, and customers will be able to filter for Saved Views by display currency. Please note that this is not readily available for social-only customers.

Want to learn more about the All Clients View in MarinOne? Check out our dedicated Help Article!


Facebook HEC Audiences in Marin Social 

What’s new?

Facebook recently announced additional changes for ads serving the housing, employment, and/or credit industries (HEC), of which Marin Social now supports. Once the Special Category is selected, advertisers looking to target users in the housing, employment, and/or credit industries will be restricted to a much smaller set of targeting options. See below for more information:

  • Advertisers will no longer have the ability to target by age, gender, or ZIP code.
  • The list of interest targeting options will be substantially smaller. In addition, advertisers may only target interests for inclusion—excluding interests from targeting will not be permitted.
  • When targeting by location, Facebook will require a minimum 15-mile geographic radius.
  • Advertisers will no longer have access to Lookalike Audiences. Rather, they can create a Special Ad Audience, which doesn’t consider gender, age, ZIP codes, or other similar categories.


Why is this important?

This limits targeting options to keep advertisers from running discriminatory ads on Facebook. Marin will take the added step of automatically removing all non-compliant targeting from the audience, and update non-compliant targeting in active ad sets directly within Marin Social, so that our customers don't have to manually review their existing campaigns.



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