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Reports In Marin

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Creating a Multiple Component Report (Marin Search)


Reports can have one or more "Components" included in the report. Each component represents a distinct view from the Platform. There is no limit to the number of component that can be included in a report. In addition to creating reports right from the grid, you also have the flexibility of creating multi-component, reports using Report Builder.

  • Use Report Builder when you want to:
  1. Create high-level reports from scratch, without going to the grid.
  2. Create multi-component reports.
  • Alternately, create reports from the grid when you want to:

  1. Drill down into objects within a specific campaign or group.

  2. Pick specific objects to chart and export.

Create Multi-Component Reports from the Report Builder

  1. Click on the Reports link in the upper right corner of the Platform.
  2. To create a new report, select Create.
  3. Next, click on the report name and description to pop up an editable field. Give the report a name and description, and then add a component. You may select from a table, line graph, pie chart, bubble chart, or scatter chart.
  4. After you have selected your component, refine the data using the choices in the widget on the left. You can:

    • Choose object type to display (Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, etc.).
    • Choose the amount of rows to display (Only a subset of the rows appear if you select more than 20 rows).
    • Choose metrics and settings columns to display.
    • Select filters. Note: You must apply filters using this widget, and not directly on the campaign data as you can in the grid. Please remember to select Include items with zero clicks where applicable.
    • Sort your columns.
    • Choose your date range.
  5. After you have refined your first component, you can add multiple other components to your report.
  6. You can run the report immediately by clicking Run Report.
  7. Click Close to save the report.

Create Multi-Component Reports from the Grid

You can also create a composite report that comprises several sets of reports and metrics from the grid directly.

  1. Select your desired set of metrics from any grid page, click on the Create Report button, select the Recurring Reports option.
  2. Using the Add to pull down menu, select the existing recurring report on which you want to append your new report.
  3. You will then be taken to the Report Settings page. The settings for the original report will not be changed, but the new component will have been added to the reports page.
  4. Confirm the component settings and reorder the components, if desired. You can use the arrows in the upper right corner of the component box to reorder the components, and the “X” button to remove a component, if needed.

  5. Save your settings and run your report.
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