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Multi-Client Reporting Advanced Guide


Multi-Client Reporting is a feature that allows users to run a report across multiple clients. The results are then rolled into a single report located in the All Clients view.

You can run multi-client queries on All Clients in the Customer or by using the custom client tags that you have defined (running a report on All Clients in the Line of Business, for example). You can learn more about custom client tags in our help article Understanding Client Tags.

How to use the feature

Suppose you want to create a report showing all the campaigns across your 10 client accounts, a few key metrics, and the dimension Brand vs Generic.

Using multi-client query reporting, you could set up a grid in the Campaigns tab on one client, then click Create Report, and choose to run the report in All Clients. The report will then be run on the campaigns tab of each of your 10 clients and the results will be included in a single report, located in the All Clients view. If any client had the Brand vs Generic dimension, all results will show in the same column.

Multi-client reports can also be set up through the Report Builder to run on a recurring basis and delivered as a CSV file via e-mail or through Web Query.

You can also run a multi-client report on your custom client tags by selecting them from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you have created a client tag, but not defined its value, it will not appear in the drop-down. Additionally, you must enter the All Clients page from a client account that currently has that tag set. You may not see any custom client tag selections under Reporting if the specific account you are in before entering the All Clients page is blank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the multi-client query output look like? Are filters and sort order preserved? What about dimensions?

The results look very similar to any other CSV report you would generate in the grid with the following exceptions:

  • The report header will indicate that the report was run in All Clients or All Clients in Advertiser and will indicate the number of clients it was run on (e.x. 125 clients).
  • The first column will indicate the name of the client that the row is from.
  • The second column will indicate the currency of the client in that row.
  • The remaining columns will be normal CSV output.
  • There will not be a Totals row.
  • Filters and the sort order from the original grid will be preserved.

If you included a dimension or custom column in the original grid, then the multi-client query will look for that dimension and custom column in the other clients it is running on and include them in the results. If a client does not have a dimension/custom column of the same name, that particular cell will be empty in the report output.

What are the current functionalities of this feature?

The following are the current functionalities of this feature:

  • CSV and Web Query formats are available. PDF format reports are not yet available.
  • There is no Totals row in the report.
  • Multi-client query is not available on the Dimensions tab.
  • If you run a multi-client query across clients with different currencies, they will display in their native currency, which will be indicated in the Currency column. The headers will indicate one currency (the currency of the client that it was run from), however no currency conversion will be done.

What does the "Run in Advertiser" option mean?

This option will only show if a client has created an Advertiser tag and filled out a value for the current client.

If you select this option, the query will execute on all clients that have the same Advertiser tag value as the client you are kicking the query off from.

The other Run in options are:

  1. This Client: Report runs only on the current client, like a normal report.
  2. All Clients: Report only runs in all clients that share the customer ID of the current client.

To learn more about setting up the Advertiser tag, please read A Guide to the Platform Executive Dashboard.

How are user permissions factored into this feature?

If the user who created the report has their permissions removed for any of the Marin Client Accounts contained within the report, those accounts will no longer appear within the report. 

Where can I download the multi-client query output?

Multi-Client query results are located in the Reports section of the All Clients view.

On what tabs can I run a multi-client query?

Multi-client query can run on the following tabs: History, Channels, Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, Creatives, Placements, and Bidding.

The feature is not yet supported on the Dimensions tab. It is also not supported if you are drilled into a specific group/campaign/account. You must be at the top level tab.

Please also note that while the app will allow you to run a cross-client report from the History tab, we do not officially support this type of reporting and the data may be inaccurate.

Does multi-client query support Date of Click / Conversion?

We do not currently support filtering on Date of Click vs Date of Conversion in the All Clients view. We are looking at implementing this feature in a future release.

Can I run an all clients report by device?

This feature is not currently supported. 

What time will my multi-client report run?

Multi-client reports will automatically run when the parent account where the report was originally created from has received cost information from the publishers.

When including revenue data in your report, if other clients have not received revenue, then there can be a discrepancy in the report.

To change when your report runs, you will need to adjust the time under the Parent account’s Report Templates page. At the top left there is an option to Do not run reports until. But note that this option affects all reports within that account.

Why is my report missing data?

Please see the section above on multi-client row limitations.

How can I edit my Multi-Client Query?

You can only edit the multi-client query report in the parent client account in which the report was made. 

Important information   

  • Please note that all users for a given client have access to any reports created within that client – even if the report extends to other clients. For this reason, we recommend that any cross-client report containing data that shouldn't be shared be deleted. Alternatively you can create an Internal client to be used for cross-client reporting that only specific users have access to.
  • Despite the option, negative keyword reports cannot be run across clients at this time.
  • While you cannot run a cross-client report from the Dimensions tab, you can run a cross-client report from a top-level tab that includes the Dimension column. If your account does not have that dimension, you will simply see blanks in the Dimension name column.
  • If reports are created in the All Clients view, please note that the filters will carry over settings from the last client visited. To remove these filters, such as the Publishers filter, you can edit a report component, click on Select Filters, uncheck the values, and Save. Removing this filter will select all possible values.


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