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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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Publisher Dynamic Parameters Overview


The Platform supports Publisher Dynamic Parameters.

These parameters are included in the destination URL and are replaced by the publisher when the ad is served with the appropriate value. For further details on the parameters, please check the Publisher’s help section.

Google Parameters

Google Parameters
{creative} inserts the ad/creative ID
{placement} site where the keyword was shown
{ifsearch:s}{ifcontent:c} inserts value based on Google network
{keyword} inserts the Google keyword
{matchtype} inserts the match type

Microsoft Parameters

Microsoft Parameters
{MatchType} inserts the match type
{QueryString} inserts the raw search query
{AdId} inserts the ad/creative ID
{OrderItemId} inserts the order (group) ID
{param1} destination URL
do not use on keyword level
{param2} inserts the param2 variable
{keyword} inserts the Microsoft keyword
{param3} inserts the param3 variable


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