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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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Tracking Parameters Advanced Guide


Conversion and revenue tracking for the Platform relies on certain tracking parameters appended to your URLs. For any revenue integration method outside of publisher tracking, it's required that each keyword and creative in your account be tagged with either a static unique ID or dynamic parameters at the keyword or creative level. Tracking parameters are managed via URL Builder and the Tracking IDs page.

Things to Consider

Single vs. Multiple parameters

Multiple parameters is preferred for readability and future compatibility. Use single parameters with systems like in-house tracking, Omniture, or Google Analytics where only one parameter can be captured. Note that with single parameter, you generally will still have a delimiter and identifying parameter.



Parameter Name





Unique Keyword/ Creative Level tracking ID



Creative ID dynamically inserted at the publisher

Keyword-level vs. Creative-level URLs

You can manage your URLs at the keyword-level, creative-level or both. Your URL setup depends on the revenue integration and sometimes preference. There are a few items to be aware of to manage your URLs corectly.

  • When using keyword-level URLs, you need a unique id and creative id. You may also include the keyword text, MatchType and Device.
  • If you tag your keywords, then the creative will inherit the keyword URL.
  • When using creative-level URLs, you need a creative id, keyword text and MatchType parameter. You may also need a unique ID and device parameter.
  • For Microsoft keyword-level urls, you need to use {Param1} for all creatives.

Beyond keywords and creatives, your Shopping Campaigns, Microsoft PLAs, placements and ad extensions will require tracking if your revenue integration requires tracking. Specific tracking requirements for each of these objects can be found in the relevant Support Center articles.


Parameter Name





Dynamic insertion parameter for Google/Microsoft keyword



Dynamic insertion parameter matchype on Google/Microsoft



Dynamic insertion parameter for Google|Microsoft


(static ID)

static ID built by Marin


(static ID)

static ID built by Marin

Marin Redirect URLs

Marin supports URL re-directs for revenue integrations that require re-directs. Tracking parameters are required for these integrations. A re-direct URL is comprised of two parts - the re-direct and the landing page URL.

Depending on the revenue integration, tracking params may be required in the re-direct, the landing page portion or both. You can review the integration documentation for specific re-direct requirements or submit a support case to review your re-direct setup.

Are tracking parameters required?

If you solely rely on publisher tracking via Microsoft, Google and/or Facebook, then you do not need tracking parameters. If you rely on another revenue source, such as Tracker, Google Analytics, Atlas, etc, then you need tracking parameters.

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