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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

Home > English > Revenue and Conversion Tracking > Tracking IDs & Parameters > Troubleshooting Articles: Tracking IDs & Parameters > "URL Builder parameters not appended due to query string inside {ifmobile} or {ifnotmobile}" Error Message

"URL Builder parameters not appended due to query string inside {ifmobile} or {ifnotmobile}" Error Message

What is the issue?

When uploading a bulk sheet to update some URLs with the {ifmobile} {ifnotmobile} parameters, you may sometimes encounter the following error message:

Warning: URL Builder parameters not appended due to query string inside {ifmobile} or {ifnotmobile}.

What causes the issue?

This problem most commonly occurs in either of these situations:

  • When the parameters already appended to the URL in the brackets in the bulk sheet.
  • You have a query string such as question mark "?" or ampersand "&" inside the {ifmobile} or {ifnotmobile} tags.

    For example: http://{ifmobile:m.example.com/?subcategory=123}{ifnotmobile:www.example.com/}

    In this case, you need to remove "?" and reformat the URL without any query string such as below:


How to fix the issue

This is expected behavior, and as such does not require a fix. If the above is not the case or you have more questions, please contact our Support Services team, who will be happy to help investigate.

Additional information  

  • Google accepts ? inside {ifmobile} or {ifnotmobile} so it is possible to see this scenario in a Google URL. More information can be found here: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375447?hl=en. Marin will not traffic the URL, so you will need to manually build URLs (without the use of URL Builder).

  • Microsoft does not allow ? inside {ifmobile} or {ifnotmobile}
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