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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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New URL Builder (Publishers Other Than Google) Overview


The URL Builder is a proprietary Marin tool that lets you templatize the addition of revenue tracking parameters to your URLs. The URL Builder takes the work out of focusing on your tracking solutions, and instead allows you to focus on managing your ad campaigns and driving value.

Note: You can find information on how to set up the Google URL Builder here.

Basic Setup

In general you will set up the URL Builder for all publishers, including Google, as follows:

  1. Click on the "+" button and Select the publisher for which you want to define tracking settings
  2. Define revenue integration parameters and any redirect settings
  3. Select specific objects to which you want URL Builder to add tracking information (e.g. build account-level tracking templates, as well as campaignkeyword, and creative-level custom parameters)
  4. Specify whether or not the URL Builder should add tracking parameters for existing objects that are updated via sync or not (Autocorrect)

Once these steps are complete, new objects and objects that you edit will automatically have these URL Builder settings applied.

Details on Setting up the URL Builder

The URL Builder for non-Google workflow is a simplified version of the Google URL Builder workflow. While Google will always appear as a separate URL Builder, for your other publishers, you can opt to either define URL Builder settings for a specific publisher, or to define URL Builder settings for All Other Publishers as a group.

Select A Publisher

  1. In the left pane of the URL Builder screen, select the publisher for which you wish to set up URL Builder.

  2. To add a new publisher, click the Add ('+') button at the bottom of the left pane and select the publisher you wish to add.

  3. Any URL Builder templates set up in the All Other Publishers tab will apply to any publisher that has not been specifically added to URL Builder.

Select Template Type from the drop-down box

  • Account: Applies to keywords, creatives, and placements in the account

  • Product Group:  defines URL Builder for Product Groups.

  • Sitelinks (Microsoft only):  defines URL Builder for Sitelinks.

Set Redirect Settings (Optional)

  • Using the redirect panel, you can specify if redirects are On or Off.

  • If your tracking solution includes a redirect, you can specify required parameters for the redirects from within the redirect panel.

Add Landing Page URL Parameters

For non-Google publishers, only one Platform URL Parameter is supported. URL Builder will apply required parameters and any redirect settings to construct a Destination URL for applicable trackable objects (objects that have URLs like Keywords and Creatives). This functionality is identical to that of the Required Params section in the Legacy URL Builder.

URL Autocorrect

To enable Autocorrect, you can follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the URL Builder

2. Select a publisher account from the left-hand account panel

3. Click on the Preferences ('pencil') icon near the bottom of the URL Builder

4. Set Auto-Correct URLs to On (Note: WARN will generate bulk files in your Activity Log, but will not apply those changes).

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