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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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Reviewing URLs and URL Structure


When your publisher accounts are linked to the Platform, your destination URLs are drawn down from the publisher. It is important to understand and review your URL structure for any errors before the platform appends any parameters.

  • Are any destination URLs blank?*
  • Do all URLs resolve in a browser, (i.e. no 404 page not found errors)?
  • If it is important that parameters appear in a certain order. Are they ordered correctly?
  • Do all URLs follow standard URL protocol?

*Note: If the Platform will be using keyword-level tagging, all keyword URLs must have a destination URL.

Examples of standard URL protocols


Standard protocols



Root URL ends in a “?” before parameters are added



Parameters are complete name value pairs



URLs are encoded, if necessary



Important notes

  • Encoded URLs with tracking parameters are fully supported by the Platform.
  • Be sure to review URLs for: ad extensions, shopping campaigns, PLAs, placements and Facebook URLs. Some of these items are commonly missed during URL reviews.
  • Use SmartGrid and its filters to quickly identify URLs that are missing parameters or missing tracking. Multi-select the items without tracking, click Edit and then choose the Build Now option. The Build Now feature will re-build the URLs and place the changes in a Held status.


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