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Revenue and Conversion Tracking

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Setting Up the URL Builder Overview


Follow these simple steps to set up the URL Builder

  1. Go to the URL Builder Settings page.
    1. Click the Admin link in the upper-right
    2. Select the Revenue sub-tab
    3. Click URL Builder in the left-hand menu
  2. Enter the Default Base URL which will be used, if no URL is uploaded or found in the Group.
  3. Check Use Same Settings for All Publishers (Note: Uncheck this box to input different settings for each publisher).
  4. Select Build keyword-level URLs.
  5. Enter mkwid=[uniq_id] in Required Parameters parameter section. [uniq_id] is a parameter that will be replaced with an unique, 8 digit alpha-numeric string when the keyword is created (See Using Parameters for additional details).
  6. Click Save. This example uses only a single parameter, but multiple parameters can be used, each separated by an &.

Possible Use Cases

Depending on whether you are tracking at the keyword level, creative level or both, the parameters you should include in the Required parameters box may be different.

Things to remember:

  • Parameters are a key=value pair, delimited by a character of your choice. The most common character is the ampersand “&”.
  • The keys can be anything you like, but they should be able to reflect the value they represent and meet the requirements for any third-party reporting you use.
  • The values that dynamically populate are shown below:
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