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The Marin Social Configuration Menu

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Using the Marin Social Configuration menu, you can make changes to platform user access, configure tracking pixels, archive campaigns as well as complete many other platform tasks. 

You'll find the Configuration menu in the upper-right of the Marin Social platform. 

audience reporting.PNG


The Configuration menu allows you to manage the following areas and features: 

  • Accounts: The Accounts manager allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Users: Create and manage user access.
  • Tracking: Manage pixels, custom conversions, and offline events.
  • Archive: Clean your main dashboard by archiving Advertisers, Media Plans and campaigns.
  • Rules: Create Optimization Rules.
  • Reporting templates: Create different reporting templates to see only metrics that are interesting for you via the reporting tool.
  • Spend details: See the spend details per month and per Media Plan.
  • Lead Forms: Manage your Lead Generation Forms and download leads.
  • Offers: Quickly create offers that will display on your Facebook page.
  • Dynamic Ads: Create Product Sets and Creative Templates before creating a Dynamic Ads campaign.
  • Asset Manager: Upload new or manage your existing images and videos all from one location within the platform.
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