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"Ad set with promoted object is required"


When syncing objects in the Marin Social platform, you may encounter the following sync error:

Ad set with promoted object is required: Your campaign must include an adset with a selected object to promote related to your objective


What Causes The Issue?

This error message means that the Promoted Object (the pixel event) has not yet been selected. For Conversion Campaigns, the Promoted Object needs to be selected during the ad set creation. The Promoted Object defines which Pixel Event Facebook needs to optimise the campaign for.

How To Fix The Issue

To fix the issue, you'll need to select the Promoted Object. Here's how to do that:

  1. Select the campaign.
  2. Access the ad set level.
  3. Access the ad level.
  4. Select the ad and click on the Mass Editor.
  5. Click on Promoted Object.
  6. Select the correct pixel event and click on Ad.
  7. Go back to the campaign and sync it.


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