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Client Tags


Client Tags are similar to dimensions and can be used to segment your accounts in a variety of useful and interesting ways. They also allow you to run reports across multiple clients. Tags can be viewed in the All Clients grid or by drilling into a specific client's account settings in the Admin section.

Please note that the content of this article applies to both MarinOne and Marin Search. In instances where support differs between the two platforms, we will indicate this. 

How to Access This Feature

In order to access client-level settings and update Client Tags, you must have Admin level access to the account in question. Only users with Admin rights can provide other users with Admin access.

Creating and applying Tags

In MarinOne

  1. The first step, as always, is to log into MarinOne. 
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Admin section ('gear' icon) from the left-hand navigation. 
  3. You should land on the Clients & Users tab and Clients sub-tab by default, but if you don't, you can navigate there directly. 
  4. Select the client account where you would like to apply client tags. Once you've decided, double-click on the name of the client to launch the Side Panel. 
  5. From the Side Panel, navigate to the Client Tags tab. 


  6. To create a new tag, click + Add Tag


  7. Give your new tag a name. This might be something to help you report on certain segments of your business or brand; you could even use a tag that helps differentiate the campaign manager on a specific account. The choice is entirely up to you. 


  8. Once your new tag has a name, click Create
  9. Client tags, similar to Marin dimensions, have a top-level tag and a tag value. For example, you might have a top-level tag called "Type" and values such as Search, Social, or eCommerce. Once your new client tag has been created, you'll still want to make sure a tag value has been applied. 

    To do this, simply find the row corresponding with your new client tag in the Side Panel and double click into the Tag Value column. Click Enter on your keyboard to accept the changes or Esc to cancel your changes. (But hold on! There's one more step to go before you new tag value will be applied.)

    To apply multiple tag values, simply double click into the Tag Value column and apply as many as you'd like. 


  10. Once you're finished adding tag values, click Save. If you don't wish to keep your changes, click Cancel



Important Notes

  • At the current time, there is not a column to support client tags in MarinOne. We plan to add columns in a future release. 
  • Once a client tag has been added in MarinOne or Marin Search it will be synced between platforms, regardless of where it was created.
  • If you plan to do additional multi-client reporting using client tags, you will need to run your reports in Marin Search. We plan to add this functionality in a future update. 

In Marin Search

To apply Client Tags to a Marin Client Account, navigate to the Admin section, click on the Clients tab, and click into the client account of your choosing. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Client Tags section.

To tag an account with an existing tag, simply fill in the text box next to the tag. For example, in the Line of Business tag, you can fill in Software or Retail or any Line of Business that is relevant to your Marin Client Account. 

If you would like to create a new tag, simply click on the Add Tags link above your text boxes.

At the bottom of the Add Client Tags bubble, you will find a drop-down that says Select a Tag. This drop-down will contain a list of Client Tags that are not currently in use and it will also give you the option to create a custom tag.

Custom Tags

To create a custom Tag, choose Custom from the drop-down menu, fill in the name of your new tag, and click Save.




Once your new tag has been created, you can fill in the corresponding details in the text box provided.




Note: From the time of tag creation, it can take up to 24 hours for data associated with a given tag to roll up to create totals. 

Available tags

Here are just a few possible tags that you can use:


Should be used as the first level tag. Future iterations will include more capabilities that allow you to share settings (e.g. dimensions, conversion types, custom columns) across clients with the same Advertiser tag.

Line of Business

Can be used to differentiate the different components of your business.


Can be used to differentiate the different geographic locations of your business.

Other tags can be added as you desire, however, for the sake of consistency in your application experience, we suggest using the above three tags before using others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update client tags for multiple platform client accounts via a bulk upload?

It is not possible to update client tags via bulk upload now. Our engineers are working to add this functionality in an upcoming product release.

Can I remove client tags?

It is not possible to manually delete tags at the moment. If you do need to remove tags, please contact us via the Support Center.

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