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Google Analytics Setup Wizard for Marin Professional Overview

What is the Google Analytics Setup Wizard?

You can track revenue and conversions in a number of different ways, including using the Google Analytics goal tracking feature. To make integration with Google Analytics as simple as possible, the Platform offers a Setup Wizard which will guide you through the integration step-by-step.

Note: You have to have a defined mapping or this will not work.

How to access Google Analytics Setup Wizard

To set up this type of tracking for your account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Click the Tracking sub-tab.
  3. (Optional) If you are already on a different tracking source (ie. Publisher tracking or Marin Tracking), click on the Tracking Source link at the bottom of this screen.
  4. From this Conversion Tracking settings, select Use Google Analytics.
  5. Please tick the Bidding Eligible box if you would like the goal (conversion type) to be added to conversion totals in the Platform. This also means that if you are using Marin Bidding, this conversion event will be used for bidding optimization.

    Typically, conversion types that are eligible for bidding include sales, purchases or other revenue-based events. Non-biddable conversion types may be page views, coupon prints or other non-revenue based actions you are tracking -- but do not affect your bidding strategy or the business's primary conversion event.

    addition, currently there is only one goal (known as a conversion type in the Platform) that can be set as added to totals for Google Analytics integration. Unfortunately it is not possible to add two goals at the moment. There is a workaround for this: simply join two goals as one in Google Analytics.

How to use the Google Analytics Setup Wizard

The Google Analytics wizard is a 4 step process that will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Granting Access: When you begin the process, you will be directed to a Google Analytics log in page. You need to have admin access to the Google Analytics account.
  2. Select an Account & Profile: Choose the account & profile associated with your account. Note: you can link one Google Analytics Profile to each Marin account.
  3. Select Goals: Use the checkboxes next to Ecommerce and/or each goal you wish to track. You can track multiple goals plus ecommerce, but only one conversion type can be used for automated bidding which is selected by choosing the bidding eligible check box.
  4. Appending Tracking: Checking the box on this screen will automatically append the necessary Google Analytics UTM parameters to all keywords, creatives, and product target URLs in your account.



  • When a Google Analytics profile has no goals, Google Analytics Setup Wizard gets stuck at the Step 3 Select Goals and you cannot finish the setup to track E-Commerce. For a workaround, create one Google Analytics goal so you can complete the linking.You may remove the goal upon completion of the linking process if it is not necessary.

  • You need to ensure that the tracking parameters are built within the destination URLs for tracking to work properly.

Using Google Ads auto-tagging

The Platform integrates with Google Analytics in two ways: with Google Ads auto-tagging either on or off.

  • Autotagging on: Microsoft URLs will be updated, Google URLs will not.
  • Autotagging off: Microsoft and Google URLs will have updated parameters added to their URLs.
    Note: The Platform only pulls paid conversions with a ‘|’ in the utm_content value in Google Analytics when using an autotagging off integration.

If you wish to disable auto-tagging, follow these steps in Google Ads:

  1. Click the main My account tab.
  2. Click Preferences in the left-hand menu.
  3. Under Tracking, click Edit next to the Auto-tagging option.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Goals section, it claims that my profile doesn't have Ecommerce (and/or goals), but I know that it does. What is going wrong?

The Wizard finds Ecommerce and Goal data based on the last 7 days of activity. Please make sure that transactions and/or conversions are being recorded to bring these in.

This is also a known issue within the Platform in which this message appears even though you have goals and/or ecommerce in your GA account. In this case, please ignore the error message.

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