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Resolution Center Overview

What is the Resolution Center?

The Resolution Center helps you find useful, relevant content quickly before you submit a ticket.

It will compare your question with thousands of others from different users. After matching your question against that of other users and analyzing responses from our Support Services team, the form produces a list of up to three most relevant articles. If it's something our team has handled before, you may just solve your problem without having to submit a ticket, saving you time.

How to use the Resolution Center

To access the Resolution Center click the Contact Support button in the top right hand corner of this page. The Resolution Center consists of three sections. Here's how it works:

  1. In the first section, select a choice from the Platform Area drop-down, the Best Topic drop-down, and enter a few words into the Subject text box. As you complete these fields, the Resolution Center may provide different article recommendations.
  2. After selection, up to three recommended articles display in the second section. You can open these articles if they match your area of interest by clicking any one of them. The articles open in a new tab or window after clicking. The article results refine further as you select from the topic and enter your subject of interest.
  3. If none of the recommended articles address your question, just complete the form section in step 3, attach any relevant documents, and click Submit.
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