Welcome to the Marin Software Support Center. We're glad you're here. Here's what you can look forward to:
  • Real-time search so you can find what you need faster than ever.
  • Easy-to-follow video guides for our most popular articles.
  • Interactive simulations and Live Screenshots to make learning easy.
  • Regular content updates to ensure every word you read is accurate and up-to-date.
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Support Center Frequently Asked Questions

What is the URL for the new support center?

English: https://support.marinsoftware.com/en-us

Japanese: https://support.marinsoftware.com/ja-jp

You can also access the new Support Center by clicking Help in the upper right corner of the Marin platform.

What's the easiest way to find the article I'm looking for?

Use our new and improved search! With dropdown automatic search results similar to Google, filtering options and a far superior algorithm, searching for content is a breeze.

How is the new site organized?

Articles have been grouped into 8 main categories:

  • Bidding: Get the basics, advanced settings, folder setup and troubleshooting information about Bidding.
  • Managing Campaigns: Learn about bulk actions, Dimensions, and platform features for Keywords, Creative, Campaigns, and objects.
  • Marin Search: All the details on Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! Japan and more.
  • Reports in Marin: Learn how to create Reports and Alerts and how to analyze your report data.
  • Revenue & Conversion Tracking: Everything you need to know about Conversion Tracking, Revenue Integrations, Revenue Upload, Tracking IDs and Parameters, URLs and the URL Builder.
  • Marin Social: Guides and troubleshooting for the Marin Social product.
  • Marin University: Where you'll find the Certification courses, webinars, and the latest Release Notes.
  • Your Marin Account: A great place to get started, set up your account and start using the platform.

Once you're within a category, the articles are organized into two topic groups to help you narrow your search even more: How To and Troubleshooting.

Why is the site organized this way?

We want you to be able to find content easily. By reducing the amount of irrelevant or unrelated content displayed on each page, we hope you will be able to find your answer faster.

How do I contact support?

Click the Contact Support button at the top right of any page and you will be directed to the Resource Center to file a ticket or get the support phone number.

How do I access the training courses?

Click on the Marin University icon, and then follow the Marin Certification link and you will be directed to the main Certification course catalog page.

What about all the links to the old Help site in the Training Courses?

All links in the current certification courses will be updated 1 month after launch. We will send you an email reminding you to complete any open courses in preparation for the update. Once the update is complete, you'll be able to register and take courses as before.

What will happen to my bookmarks from the old Help site?

Once the new Support Center goes live, you will need to update your bookmarks as they will no longer work. The great news is that our new Support Center has a vastly improved search feature to help you find articles quickly. And if you still need help, feel free to reach out to our Support team!


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