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Activity Log Advanced Guide


The Platform has been built to give you up-to-the-minute information at any time, and the Activity Log is key to taking advantage of this capability. Easily accessible from any screen, the Activity Log allows you to see exactly which tasks and operations the Platform has performed, is performing, or will perform. 

In this article, we'll explain how to access the Activity Log along with some of its more advanced features.


How to Use the Activity Log

You can access the Activity Log from any screen in the Platform. Simply look in the upper-right corner, and click the Admin button. This will direct you to the Activity Log. Easy!

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.28.21 AM.png

The basic functionality of the Activity Log allows you to view a list of tasks that have been or will be carried out by the Platform. If you've made any recent changes, you'll find tasks queued for the Publisher in the Status column that read To be Sent.

Key Features

Like other grids in the Platform, the Activity Log allows you to adjust the view to only show the data you need. You can also use the filter icons to search for specific terms in any of the columns.


There are three main functions you will use within the Activity Log:


Post Now

In most cases, the Platform will queue changes to be sent to the publishers (like Google and Microsoft) during the nightly sync. However, you can manually post recent changes yourself by selecting the relevant tasks in the grid and then clicking the Post Now button at any time. 


You can pause any of the tasks in the Activity Log that have not yet been sent to the publisher. To do so, use the checkboxes in the grid to select the relevant tasks, then click Hold. The tasks will remain in the Held status until you post them. 


If you change your mind about a task which is queued for posting, you can select it in the grid with the checkboxes, then click the Cancel button.

Post All Now

In the upper-right of the grid, the Post All Now button allows you to manually send all queued changes to the publisher(s) right away. 


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