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Canceling Jobs in the Activity Log


Depending on the status of a job in the Activity Log, there are a number of different ways to cancel a job.

How to cancel jobs

'Held' or 'To be resent' status

To cancel a job in the Activity Log that is in either Held or To be sent status, this can be done by selecting the job and selecting the Cancel icon at the top of the Activity Log.


Note: When you cancel a job in this way, please wait for the process to complete before making any further edits on the same objects, or else your edits may not process successfully or as expected. This cancelation can be monitored by checking the spinning task bar located in the upper right-hand corner of the Platform.

'Queued' status

To Cancel a Queued job in the Activity Log, please submit a support ticket to our Support Services team who will be able to handle this request. Please include the Activity Log ID(s) you wish to be canceled in the description of your ticket.

'Processing' status

A job that has a Processing status cannot be canceled. Please wait for this job to finish processing, and then you can proceed to make any edits for these objects to revert the change.

What happens when jobs are cancelled

When you cancel a job from the Activity Log, the Platform actually reverts the objects back to Synced status and effectively cancels all queued edits on these objects.

If the object in question does not yet exist in the publisher, it will be removed entirely from the Platform. If the object has children (for example, the groups or creatives in a campaign), these will likewise be removed.

Important note

  • Canceling operations in the Activity Log will appear as a change by System in the object settings history.

    For example, you may see a keyword status changed to Paused by 'jane.doe@company.com' and, ten minutes later, see the keyword status changed to Active by 'System'. This is typically due to a cancelation of an edit, choosing not to post the changes to the publisher, which then prompted the system to revert those edits.
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