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Customizing the Grid


At Marin, we recognize all advertisers have different strategies, so each Grid can be set up to meet your specific needs.  All of the data in the Grid can be completely customized to do just that. 

Customizing the Grid

Click and drag columns to rearrange the order or add new metrics using the View Builder. Browse by category to find what you need. You can click on dozens of standard data columns that Marin comes standard with, like click, conversion, or revenue data.



Let’s say you want to monitor your average bidding cost across your campaigns. Find the category, Traffic/Cost, locate the Avg Bid row, and determine if you want to track the Actual amount, the Delta or change or the Change Percentage.  

view builder.png



Notice how it was added to the column on the right? Rearrange the order, Save and you can see the Average Bid $ is now on the Grid.  


Save this grid layout for future reference or even add it as a widget to your dashboard if you want to view it daily on your main Marin Dashboard. 


Once you have The Grid setup, you can easily export your data into an Excel or PDF document using theCreate Report feature. Choose between aOne-timereport, and a Recurring report. Then simply download directly to your computer, or email to your team.


As you can see, the Marin grid is easy to learn and will help you gain a lot more efficiencies in how you manage your campaigns across publishers and automate some of those time-consuming tasks you need to do every day.

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