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Diagnostics Page Overview


The Revenue Diagnostics page helps flag any issues that may be present with the client's settings and that have occurred in the recent revenue files received. This page is broken out in to various sections and each section is described in more detail here.

Revenue Warnings

The purpose of this section is to serve as a dashboard for all the warnings and alerts we have found regarding the client's revenue health. Users can view details for any specific section and see what the reasons for the warnings are and take appropriate action to fix these warnings.


Recent Revenue Files

The Recent Revenue Files section shows all revenue files that have been submitted in the past 5 days. For each file, it displays the source of the file (upload, tracker, etc), the overwrite option used (add, delete or delete and over-write), the number of rows in the file and the percentage of failed rows in the file. The section will show alerts for the following scenarios:

  • No file/rows processed: No revenue file received on a particular day or a file was received but no rows were processed successfully. If daily revenue files are not the norm for a specific client, please ignore this alert.
    • Also note that if revenue comes in after 8 am (account time), you may see a warning that revenue is missing even if revenue comes in at a later time. Please confirm this by looking in the Activity Log.
  • 10% of more rows failed: If more than 10% of the rows in a revenue file failed, this alert gets triggered. This means that a large percentage of conversions are not being tracked in Marin and requires some investigation. Typically, tracking IDs have not been setup correctly for all URLs. This can be fixed by finding all URLs (keyword or creative) that do not have tracking IDs and adding them manually or using Auto URL Correct to let Marin automatically fix these URLs.
There are also some warnings that can be triggered for revenue files:
  • 1 or more rows failed: This self-explanatory warning serves to flag conversions that the client might be missing out on due to incorrectly tagged URLs on one or more keyword or creative.

Tracking ID Status

The Tracking ID Status section shows the clients configuration of Tracking IDs for their URLs. This section is only relevant to clients who are not using publisher tracking. If no tracking ID has been set up, Marin will not be able to attribute revenue to any keyword, creative or group. Keyword, Creative, Placement and Match Type parameters are necessary if using Marin Tracker.


URL Builder Status

This section is only relevant for clients who are not using publisher tracking. The URL Builder status section summarizes URL Builder settings for the client. URL Builder helps create URLs for new keywords, creatives and placements to ensure that they have all the tracking parameters needed.

Auto URL correct can automatically fix URLs based on your URL Builder settings when the application encounters keywords or creatives with incorrectly formatted URLs. This is helpful in proactively making sure all your URLs are correct (trackging IDs are present, no duplicate tracking IDs are present) which further ensures correct conversion and revenue attribution.

Conversion Types

This section is relevant to clients who are tracking multiple conversion types. It highlights which conversion types are being added to total conversions and total revenue. Often times a lower than expected conversion and/or revenue count could be the result of conversion types not being added to total counts.

Publisher Tracking Status

This section highlights all publisher accounts that are using publisher tracking. It will show an alert for all publisher accounts that are not using Publisher tracking, and no other revenue source has been found for this client (i.e. tracker is not enabled and no revenue files are being received). A warning is displayed if the publisher account is using publisher tracking but no other revenue source has been found for this client.

Platform Tracking Status

The Platform Tracking status section confirms whether or not you are using platform tracking, and reports whether or not the platform has received any conversions and clicks in the past 24 hours. This is based on of the Past 24 Hours report. An alert is shown if no clicks have been received in the past 24 hours, and a warning is displayed if no conversions have been received in the past 24 hours. This messaging corresponds to the data seen in the current Past 24 Hours report only, and is not representative of all of the data in your account.

If you see the No clicks/conversionsreceivedmessage, this most likely means that the report is still being generated. Reports are generated at the top of each hour, and will usually finish processing 20 minutes later, at which point the message should no longer appear.


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