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Platform Side Panel Advanced Guide


The Platform's handy Side Panel feature is an easy way to discover in-depth data about any specific object in your account. 

You'll find the Side Panel feature in any of the Platform's main SmartGrids, giving you detailed information about your data in a single click. With this feature, you'll be able to make better decisions more quickly in a way that's truly data-driven. The Side Panel will offer a range of information about the currently selected row and includes the tabs: Settings and Performance.

Let's find out more about how the Side Panel feature can work for you. 


How to launch the Side Panel

First things first: How do you get access to the Side Panel? It's easy -- just head to any one of the SmartGrids, then double-click on any of the secondary rows. 

Note: The side panel feature will not be available on the primary rows, i.e. Keyword (as shown below), Group, Campaign or Account. This will result in a blank side panel.

You'll find the Side Panel on the following grids:

  • Keywords

  • Creatives

  • Groups

  • Campaigns

  • Channels



Using the Up and Down keys on your keyboard to move to different objects in the SmartGrid (or selecting a different row with your mouse) with change the data displayed in the Side Panel.

Vertical Navigation

Vertical Navigation, or Vertical Nav, refers to the buttons on the top-left corner of the Side Panel. These buttons allow you to see more information about the object’s parent without needing to leave the grid.

Here's an example of the Vertical Nav in action:

  • Open the Keyword Side Panel, then click the Group button in Vertical Nav to see the settings of that Keyword’s Group.

  • Click Campaign in Vertical Nav, then switch to the Performance tab to see the performance of that Keyword's Campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.23.38 PM.png

The 'Settings' tab

The Settings tab displays information about the object selected. Clicking on URL  > will open the URL Settings pane which shows detailed information about that object's URL settings.

The 'Performance' tab

The Performance tab is found on all SmartGrid Side Panels and contains 30 days of historical impression, click, and conversion data for the selected row/object. A chart of these data is also provided to help visualize any relevant trends. If the Performance tab is open when the selected row changes, the side panel will be updated to reflect the newly selected item.



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