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Saved Views Advanced Guide

How to create a view

When frequently reviewing columns in the same order, with the same filters applied, choosing to save the View can be a time-saving step. This same feature is also available for building reports.

  1. Use the View Builder tool to choose the columns to include in the grid view.
  2. Sort by any of the columns and apply any filters by clicking the Filter icon in each column header. Note: The application does save the date context as being relative to today. So if you saved a view with the date range set to yesterday, this view will always load up with the day before the current date's data.
  3. Go to the Views area located in the upper-left of the application.
  4. Click Save View and name the view. Note: Previous views can be replaced if given the same name.
  5. Toggle back and forth between the views you create.
  6. Saved views can be removed by clicking Remove View.

How to share a view

Views can also be shared to other users. There are two options when sharing a view:

  • Share with a specific user: This will only make the view available to the specific user selected.
  • Share with all users of the client: This will make the view available to all users of the current client.
Shared views can only be modified or removed by its creator. Other users can save the shared view as their own and make any modifications they would like. These modifications will only affect the new private view created.

Important information

  • Note that custom columns within a saved view will only be available to view in the account within which the view was created. This is because each conversion type/custom column has its own unique identifier that cannot be shared across accounts.
  • Note that Dimensions within a saved view will only be available to view in the account within which the Dimension was created. This is true even if there is a Dimension by the same name being used in another Marin Client Account. 
  • Saved views can be accessed across multiple client accounts with the standard columns (i.e. Groups, Pub. Cost, Impressions, Conversions).
  • When you delete a saved view, the saved view in the shared accounts will also be deleted and they cannot be recovered. In that case, you need to recreate the view. If you have an old report created from the saved view, it could be used as a guide to recreate the saved view.
  • Currently Save View does not support 'and' and 'or' in the filters, and this could cause the saved view to be blank when selected. Please do not include these logic operators in the filter.
  • Saved Views created in Marin Search on the Channels, Campaign, Group, Keywords and Creatives grids are available in MarinOne for some users. Any changes made to those Saved Views will sync into MarinOne’s My Saved View. 


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