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SmartGrid's Date Range Picker


SmartGrid is a powerful way to manage your keywords in our Platform, and the Date Range Picker makes it easier and faster than ever to drill down to the data you want to see.

The key benefits of the keywords beta date picker

  • Now located in the top right corner of the grid.

  • 3 month view makes it easier to navigate between date ranges.

  • You can highlight date ranges and confirm your selection before you click Apply.

  • To select a date range, click on the first date and then click on the second date (instead of click and drag).

  • New past 7 days and past 30 days date ranges.

  • Better comparison date range options.

How to select a date range

Here's how to use the Date Range Picker in SmartGrid:

  • To select an individual date, click once on the specific date in the calendar.
  • To select a range of dates, click the first date in the range and the last date in the range, and the grid will auto-populate the date range.

  • Once you have confirmed your selection, simply click Apply.
  • If you mistakenly select a range of dates you don't want, just double-click on the individual date you meant to choose and your selection will switch to only that date.
  • To go back or forward a month, click the arrows to the left or the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a quick select date range?

On the left side of the Date Range Picker, the quick select date ranges allow you to easily set a predetermined date range in the calendar. Select the range you are interested in, then click Apply to update the grid.

How do I choose a comparison date range?

By default, the comparison date range is Off in SmartGrid. In order to use the Change and Change % columns from the View Builder, you need to set up a comparison date range. If you have not selected a comparison range, these columns will not show data.

You can choose one of the predefined comparison options in the Compare section at the bottom left of the Date Range Picker, or choose a custom comparison date range. These are shown in the calendar as a darker shade of blue.

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