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The Advanced View Builder


In this quick article, we'll explain how to use the Advanced Builder section of the Platform's View Builder.

To access the View Builder, simple click the link in the upper-right of any of the Platform's main grids. 

Advanced Builder

Click the Advanced Builder link located in the lower left corner of the View Builder bubble. 


  1. Choose the date range that you want to display on the grid. Data will be aggregated over the selected range. Default value is yesterday.
  2. Choose the baseline date range for the Change columns. All Change columns will use the selected date range as the baseline when calculating change metrics. Default value is one week from yesterday.


  1. Select a column to filter on. Any columns selected in the View Builder will appear on the grid.
  2. Choose a filter type. Numeric columns will have options for '>', '<', '=', etc. Text columns will have options for 'contains', 'does not contain', 'equals', 'is blank', 'is not blank', etc.
  3. Input a value for the filter.
  4. Add additional filters by clicking the '+' icon.
  5. Each grid will have a set of predefined filter selections. Select these options using the checkboxes or radio buttons.

Note: If a filter exists for a selected column, removing the column from the list of selected columns will also remove the filter.


  1. Select a column to sort.
  2. Choose Ascending or Descending sort.

Once you have setup Advanced Builder options, click Save to apply the settings to grid. Click Cancel to return to grid without applying the changes.




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