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The Clients View


The Clients View is a grid in Marin that allows you to see important high-level data about all of your Marin Client Accounts in a single place, without having to click into each account individually. 

From the Clients View, you can:

  • See important account details such as time zone, contact email, and notes. 
  • See high-level data associated with each Marin Client Account, such as clicks, cost, conversions, and revenue.
  • Run high-level report of the relevant data and contact information associated with each Marin Client Account. 



How to access the clients view

  1. The first step, as always, is to log into MarinOne. 
  2. Click on the Account Navigator in the top-left corner. This shows a drop-down of all of your MarinOne Client Accounts. 


  3. From here, instead of selecting a specific MarinOne Client Account, you will select the All Clients option from the top of your list. 


  4. That's all there is to it! We'll talk more about the various tasks you can complete from this view in the next few sections of this article. 

running reports from the clients view

  1. From the Clients View, adjust your date range, columns, and filters like usual. The Calendar Selector, Column Selector, and Filters all work in the same way as the rest of MarinOne. To learn more about how to use any of these features, check out our dedicated articles by following the relevant links.

    Note: The columns available here are reduced when compared to the Campaigns grid, as it does not support individual conversion types, Custom Columns, or Dimensions.
  2. Once your grid has been set up to your liking, click the Report button at the top-right, above the grid. 


  3. From here, you will set up your report like normal. For more information about running reports in MarinOne, check out our dedicated article


  4. When all of your report criteria have been entered, click Run Report


  5. Your report can be downloaded from the Reports tab in the left-hand navigation. 


    Note: Only reports created in the Clients View are accessible from the Reports tab within the Clients View. To access reports for individual MarinOne Client Accounts, navigate to the desired account and access the Reports tab for that specific account. Additionally, cross-client reports can be accessed from the individual MarinOne Client Account where they were created. 

Client Dashboards

Client Dashboards allow you to leverage Dashboards across multiple Marin Client Accounts. 

To access your Client Dashboards in MarinOne, simply navigate to the Client View by clicking on the Client Selector and selecting All Clients. From here, you can access your Dashboard like usual by clicking on the Home ('M' logo) tab

Returning to an individual Marin client account

There are two methods for returning to an individual MarinOne Client Account from the Clients View. We'll cover both below. 

From the Grid

From the Clients View grid, click on the name of the specific MarinOne Client Account that you would like to access. This will take you to the desired MarinOne Client Account.

From the account navigator

  1. From the Clients View, click on the Account Navigator in the top-left corner. This shows a drop-down of all of your MarinOne Client Accounts. 
  2. From here, select the specific MarinOne Client Account that you would like to access. You can use the Search Bar to narrow down this list as-needed.


Saved Views

Saved Views can be created and loaded from the Clients View from the Saved Views button ('star' icon).




Note: Only Saved Views created in the Clients View are accessible from the Clients View. To access Saved Views for individual Marin Client Accounts, navigate to the desired account and access the Saved Views button ('star' icon) for that specific account. 


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