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Tracking Agency Fees in the Platform


The application has the ability for agencies to track their fees in addition to the publisher cost in their reporting. Agency fees can be tracked as a percent of publisher spend and/or cost per click. Agencies fees are set per client account.

How to Enable Agency Fees

To enable this feature, navigate to the Admin section, click on the Clients sub-tab, and then click into the relevant client. Within the Client Info section, you will be able to set up the desired fees.

agency fees.jpg

Check the boxes next to the desired fee metrics you wish to use, input the percentage of spend and/or cost per click used by your agency, and then hit Save to finalize your settings.

How to add Agency Fees Columns to the Grid

Agency fee columns will appear in the View Builder (accessible from the upper-right of the grid) for client accounts who have agency fees turned on. The Gross Cost column is the sum of the publisher costs and the agency fees. The remaining cost columns available in the application (i.e. Profit, Cost per Conversion, Cost per Click) can be based the on gross cost by checking the option on the client setup page.

Additional Information

Agency Fee is calculated as a percentage of publisher cost. For example, a client account with a 10% agency fee and $1000 in publisher spend would have an agency fee of $100 ($100 is 10% of 1,000).

Gross Cost = Publisher Cost + Agency Fee ($)
Agency Fee (%) = Agency Fee ($)/(Publisher Cost)
Gross Cost (%) = Publisher Cost/(1-Agency Fee (%))

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